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Bruce Wiseman, under nome de plume John Truman Wolfe, is a successful author of both fiction and non-fiction works.


Inspired by true events, Mind Games is set against the background of one of the most daring, secret CIA programs of all time.

Tom McKenna is approached by a successful but very disturbed CEO of a Silicon Valley biotech firm, who knows she is being stalked but cannot see the stalker.

Despite a contentious and sometimes volatile relation with his client, McKenna must find the stalker before the woman Stryker loses her sanity, her business and one of the most profound genetic breakthroughs of the century.

“Mind Games is a thrill-a-minute read laced with suspense, crackling dialogue, and a fascinating look at one of the CIA’s most controversial spy programs. John Truman Wolfe has just landed on my list of must-read crime writers.” -Marisol Nichols, star of 20th Century Fox’s 24

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The valet at Beverly Hills National Bank is a saucy red head dressed in hot pants, a tux jacket and high heels. No surprise given the bank’s celebrity clientele and super-sized account balances.

When the deposit base starts to shrink and earnings fall after playboy CEO, Jim Robbins refuses to sell the bank to an undisclosed investor group, he chalks it up to a recent earthquake in the Valley.

But when break-ins ensue, which baffle the police, Robbins enlists the services of Tom McKenna, a Berkeley based private eye who happens to be in Los Angeles seeing his lady love, Karen Sanchez. Sanchez, the owner of a music industry PR firm, is both a customer of the bank and a friend of Robbins.

“I loved Tom McKenna. I sure hope this turns into a series. This one reminds me of Lee Child’s Reacher and Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp novels. Good ones like this don’t come out fast enough for me. Can’t wait to see what’s next.” -Eric Brackett, Adventure Reader

This is the second Tom McKenna novel by writer John Truman Wolfe. The first, Mind Games, won the Independent Newspapers Golden Plume Award for Fiction.

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As the former Chairman of the Department of History at John F. Kennedy University and as a senior credit officer for banks in the San Francisco and Beverly Hills, John Truman Wolfe has been no stranger to the world of international finance. He is also the co-founder of a Los Angeles based business management company, where he oversaw the business and financial matters of some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Available as an ebook, Crisis by Design reveals the root causes of the world-wide economic crash, why it happened, where it is headed and what you can do about it.

“Brilliant research! An astounding expose of America’s financial crisis. Do you have the guts to read it?” -BDR Los Angeles, Ca

“John Truman Wolfe is a first class writer and political commentator who possesses a huge intellect and never ending passion to expose the ills that plague our society. He is an ombudsman for the common man.”Terry Jastrow, Seven Time Emmy Award Winning Producer/Director

“The most accurate, understandable, honest to the core, truth til it hurts explanation of what is really happening in our financial universe that anyone will find anywhere.” -Donna Andrus

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